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Elizabeth (49) has already lost 13 lbs, and plans to lose even more!

“A cup Coffee Zero a day helps both my weight and my mood.”

It all started when Elizabeth Baker had a skiing accident. The 49-year-old suffered a nasty shoulder injury and had to wait for an operation for more than six months.

“I was used to living an active life, but because of the pain and the risk of worsening the injury, I had to take it really easy while I waited for my operation. This caused a number of conditions related to my fibromyalgia to resurface, and in short, it was all very sad,” says the 49-year-old from Springfield, Missouri.

Yo-yo dieting

As a result of so much inactivity, Elizabeth started putting on weight. When she had eventually recovered, she made a number of attempts to return to her normal weight. As a rule, she would end up quickly putting back all the pounds that she had lost.

Intense dieting is not very effective. They pay-off is nothing compared to the effort you put in, observes Elizabeth.

Nothing to lose

When she came across the story of a Coffee Zero customer, she noticed that the man said that since he drank coffee anyway, he might as well replace his usual cup at breakfast with Coffee Zero.

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–“It made sense to me. Even though I was a bit skeptical, I figured I had nothing to lose in trying. And the rest is history,” smiles Elizabeth.

Lost 13 lbs

Two months later, her scale shows that she has lost 13 lbs. That makes Elizabeth very pleased.

My goal is to lose more, but I think it’s better to lose weight in a controlled way. It will increase my chances of avoiding the yo-yo effect, she says and tells about one really great ‘side effect’ of her new breakfast habit.

“First off, I’ve almost completely lost my occasionally violent sweet tooth. That is a major plus. Secondly, my quality of life is increasing in step with my sense of mastery. I feel much better, and I’m definitely a nicer person to be around.”

Elizabeth likes her coffee to taste good, and says that she was quite worried about whether she would like Coffee Zero.

“I was delighted when it turned out that Coffee Zero was incredibly delicious. It is a quality coffee, and now I almost have to have it! A while ago, a shipment was slightly delayed, and I got myself all worked up as my supplies dwindled. So in this house, Coffee Zero is here to stay!

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How Coffee Zero works

Coffee Zero contains extracts green coffee beans. These extracts contain certain substances that are burned off when regular coffee is roasted. Coffee Zero preserves these extracts, which can help increase fat burning.

In addition, Coffee Zero contains chlorogenic acid, which effectively reduces blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar levels can cause fat cells to store less fat.

Coffee is also one of the best sources of antioxidants available. Antioxidants provide health benefits because of their ability to slow inflammatory processes and counteract the reactive substances that break down proteins, DNA and fat.

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