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“Now the chocolate stays on the shelf”

Kimberly Barnes was a “chocoholic.” She lost her sweet tooth when she started drinking Coffee Zero.

“After a few weeks of drinking Coffee Zero, I had a sudden revelation: I hadn’t eaten chocolate for a long time. I who used to eat candy every day!”

Kimberly smiles as she talks about her old vices. But a sugar addiction is no laughing matter. The 52-year-old from St. Louis, Missouri has always been fond of sweets, and her diet consisted largely of chocolate and licorice.

“I didn’t just eat one, but I’d gobble down a whole bunch! It gave me a rush right then and there, but the happiness vanished as soon as the wrapper was empty. There was something compulsive about it, and I usually say that I was a ‘chocoholic’,” says Kimberly.

Cured her sweet tooth

Despite her large sugar intake, Kimberly managed to keep her weight in check by being physically active. But when she had to stop strength training, she started putting on weight. When she read that Coffee Zero can curb your sweet tooth and lead to weight loss, she decided to give the health coffee a chance.

I drink coffee every day anyway, and I figured I had nothing to lose. I hardly dared to believe that Coffee Zero would actually cure my sweet tooth and improve my quality of life. But then it did!

Improved quality of life

Kimberly has not lost her love of chocolate, but at the store, the candy usually stays on the shelf. Now, days and weeks can go by between each time she eats sweets.

“When I finally open a chocolate bar, I just enjoy a few pieces rather than devouring it all at once,” says Kimberly, who can see that her weight has stabilized.

My quality of life has really increased, she says – and recommends Coffee Zero to anyone else who is struggling with a sweet tooth and weight gain.

“Coffee Zero has really helped me. Not only that, but the coffee tastes also good, and it is really quite inexpensive compared with coffee capsules, for example. It is on my breakfast table to stay!”

How Coffee Zero works

Coffee Zero contains extracts green coffee beans. These extracts contain certain substances that are burned off when regular coffee is roasted. Coffee Zero preserves these extracts, which can help increase fat burning.

IIn addition, Coffee Zero contains chlorogenic acid, which effectively reduces blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar levels can cause fat cells to store less fat.

Coffee is also one of the best sources of antioxidants available. Antioxidants provide health benefits because of their ability to slow inflammatory processes and counteract the reactive substances that break down proteins, DNA and fat.

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